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Time For A New Kitchen? First Things First… Removing The Old One

At the point when it’s a great opportunity to place another kitchen in, there’s one difficult task that starts things out: taking the former one out. It can appear to be a major assignment however on the off chance that you read our guide, you’ll have the option to complete it rapidly and proficiently.

Remember that if your present kitchen is in great condition and completely utilitarian, you can consider selling it once you’ve expelled it – simply ensure you take additional consideration while dismantling it. You should likewise number your units as you dismantle them and accept pictures as a visual guide of how to fit everything back together.

Some normal guidelines to consider before you start incorporate pondering the space accessible, as opposed to how it’s utilized directly, thinking about the sink/cooker/ice chest triangle and streamlining lighting and ventilation.

The absolute initial step is to guarantee that every one of the utilities are killed and caused safe before you to do any work. This incorporates gas, water and electric.

It merits rehashing that you should ensure your utilities are securely turned off before beginning.

While moving things prone to contain water (dishwasher, sink, and so forth) ensure that the channels remain upstanding to stay away from spillages. These things are typically associated with in any event 2 hoses – they normally have 3 – with hot (red), cold (blue) and waste (dim) outlets. Be cautious when lifting – these are overwhelming things and it could be ideal to do the moving with a second pair of hands.


When your hob, cooker and extractor hoods are fit to be evacuated, you’ll need to allude to their unique advisers for ensure you expel their fittings accurately. In the event that you can’t discover your duplicate or don’t have one, ensure you check the producer site. These apparatuses frequently have uncommonly made fixings that can be befuddling to evacuate without direction.

While HIPPO acknowledge most kitchen apparatuses for assortment, it’s important that a portion of these things are esteemed dangerous, for example, refrigerators and certain TVs. You can call us on 0333 999 0 999 to affirm whether we can gather your thing, or contact your area committee for tips on the best way to discard them.

A standard size sink can be evacuated generally effectively – simply ensure the waste associations are disengaged and the mains water supply is off. The water tight sealant around the sink, and under-counter fixings, are potential issues to doing this rapidly. Looking underneath the sink uncovers these fixings and grapple focuses while the sealant can be delicately removed (guaranteeing you are wearing defensive gloves) – take care to go gradually as this gives you control and maintains a strategic distance from and superfluous harm.

Works surfaces

Your work surfaces will have fittings on the underside. Fix these to discharge the surface for evacuation. At goes along with, you may have a catapulted or mitred joint, in which case you ought to fix this also. On the off chance that you have tiled splashbacks, you may need to evacuate the base column to free the worktop. Numerous solid lengths of worktop can be extremely substantial so consider a preliminary lift and help from someone else with longer parts.

The entryways and drawers

This is commonly a decent, clear advance. Numerous advanced cupboards have a discharge cut, permitting the evacuation of the entryways without expecting to fix the pivots. Obviously, all things considered, your kitchen isn’t front line in case you’re supplanting it – fortunately the second method for unscrewing the pivots doesn’t take too long either.

Ensure you store the entryways level and with a sheet between each to abstain from scratching in the event that you are hoping to exchange your kitchen.

A cabinet can be lifted away by dismantling it up to discharge from the sprinters. Numerous drawers have a holding cut that should be discharged for the cabinet to disengage.

The Cabinets

The cupboards themselves will be fixed to the divider through different sorts of sections. The base units for the most part have basic fixing focuses through the back mass of the bureau, and this extremely just serves to hold them set up as all the weight is taken by the legs underneath the base. Where a few units are situated one next to the other, there will ordinarily be two sinks each affixing it to the following unit, so these should be expelled too. Having evacuated the fixings, the unit can be lifted out and removed.

The divider units, then again, have progressively significant sections which take the full weight of the unit (in addition to substance). To evacuate these, it’s generally an instance of loosening the screws at the back on each side and, having expelled any screws between cupboards, lifting the unit up off its sections. On the off chance that it is in a bad way direct to the divider you will require additional assistance to accept the weight as you free it from its stay focuses.

How to manage your old kitchen and get rip of the waste

In case you’re disposing of your kitchen in a skip, this is the most ideal approach to fill it:

Outskirt the sack around the edges with wood, for example, from your cupboards – this will give the pack strong fringes and keep it stable. Put the machines and other massive things in the center. Fill in any littler waste and rubble in the middle

On the off chance that you are keeping the old kitchen to sell or re-use stockpiling is vital. Stack every one of the cupboards cautiously along one divider – base units first at that point divider units on top. Worktops ought to be put on their back edge and loaned against these. Put a defensive layer between each area to decrease the danger of scratching.

Carpets: What To Consider Before Buying One

You may have the home already equipped with the sofa, the TV unit and the coffee table, but it is when you start decorating it with carpets, curtains or cushions that it really gets character and its full definition.

Carpets assume a decorative and space-enhancing function. To elevate your living room, bedrooms, or even the lobby, consider using carpets that are notable for their touch, color, or motifs. Not only are carpets a form of creative expression, they also make the living spaces more comfortable. After all, it is much nicer to tread on a soft surface than cold ground, especially in winter. In acoustical terms, they are also an asset as they dampen the sounds. In a house with children, they play a particularly important role in that they protect surfaces by making them non-slip.

So here are the main things to consider before buying your carpet flooring.

The size

It is a big mistake not to take size into consideration when buying a carpet. In decoration, proportions are essential for a balanced and harmonious result. Take into account the measures of the home division and the furniture in it to choose a carpet that is proportional to them. A carpet that covers all or most of the floor will not look good, but one that is too small will also look weird. In a living room, the carpet should be tucked under the sofa to prevent accidents. In addition, a space must be left between it and the television set. Also take into account other elements such as armchairs, side tables, floor lamps, and so on.

One trick you can apply is to mark the boundaries of the carpet on the floor with normal or painter’s tape. This will give you a more realistic sense of the space it will occupy.

The style

The carpet can match the style of your room or emerge as a contrasting element. It is not uncommon to see a modern and clean environment with a Persian or a Arraiolos carpet, for example, bringing a distinctive touch to the atmosphere.

If you don’t want to risk it, following the style of space is the easiest way to narrow the range of choices. Be that as it may, the carpet must have some connection with the environment so as not to deviate completely.

The colors

The style of carpets and their colors go hand in hand. Modern carpets usually have sober tones, but the above-mentioned Persian or Arraiolan carpets are notable for their colorful and vibrant patterns. In decorating, one tends to focus on light shades when one wants to improve one’s visual perception of a space, so a light color will always be a good choice for a small area. In a large space, you can bet on darker or saturated tones. If you don’t want to change your carpet anytime soon and want a piece that goes with everything, we suggest you favor one with a neutral color and a carpet with no patterns (or a simple pattern).

The use that is given to space

When choosing a carpet, one does not always think about the use that will be made of the space, but this point should be weighed, particularly if the area will be used by young children (who dirty and spend a lot of time playing around) and pets. In this case, sisal carpets are a good option as they are durable, easy to clean and maintain, although they are not immune to water and moisture. They fit into different style spaces, although they appear more in Scandinavian, rustic, Mediterranean or country style environments.

The format

As we know, there are carpets of various shapes. They can be rectangular, square, round and not only! The shape of the carpet should be chosen, taking into account the space where it will be inserted and what you want to highlight. A round carpet , for example, is an excellent choice for emphasizing a round table. The carpet chosen for this space reinforces the geometric framing of the dining area where a square or rectangular carpet would not look good.

Like round carpets, square carpets are also well matched with elements of the same shape or in square rooms. In turn, rectangular carpets are the most traditional, appearing in large areas or when you want a certain space to appear longer.

Future Plans

Thinking of moving in the short or medium term? So it is better to wait for the change to invest in a quality carpet. If you buy earlier, you run the risk that the carpet will not fit in the new space. Also consider your future family plans. Couples thinking about starting a family building should plan decorating for that purpose. Homes with babies or young children should be prepared for this purpose.

The trends

Whether or not to follow trends: that is the question. Here, we are, of course, aware of the trends that come up every year. Following the trend is a good way to come up with ideas and give new decor to the house, but you should not fall victim to these trends. Face them with balance and go for only the ones you really like and that you will not get tired of easily.

One of the most striking trends in carpet use is their overlap. You can overlap more than two or choose, for example, to place another carpet underneath and a smaller colorful carpet on top.

Now that you know what to consider before choosing a carpet for the living room or any other room in the house, there’s no doubt you’ll choose a carpet that fits you. However, if you are still undecided, you can send us a private message to guide your choice or hire a decorator or interior designer to help you with your project.